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The Proposal Story

Daniel and I were visiting my family for Christmas and New Year. It was a stressful time - work was very hectic, my family had just moved into a new house, and of course the winter holidays always add their own time consuming pressures into the mix. We have been in Lexington for about a week, and Daniel had repeatedly suggested that we go to the Arboretum - our favorite botanical garden and park. Now, Daniel is not the type of guy to suggest going for a walk, but somehow I did not get suspicious. Perhaps that is because Daniel is also not the type of guy who can keep a secret, especially from me. Finally, on December 31st, 2011, Daniel was adamant that we go to the Arboretum, and I agreed...but first I wanted to nap. Daniel woke me up fifteen minutes early, supposedly forgetting the original time I asked him to wake me. I of course, in my sleepy state, was quite upset by the premature end to my nap, but nonetheless decided to go to for a walk, so we got into the car and drove to the Arboretum. 

He parked the car and we went for a walk. The weather was surprisingly warm for the middle of winter, and the sky looked beautiful as the sun was setting. In the garden, I saw a little bunny run across the path. I followed it with my eyes, and when I turned to Dan to see if he saw it too, he was on his knee with the ring box in his hand. "Do you know WHY I wanted to go to the Arboretum?" he said. Then, he asked me to marry him, and I said yes! 

I was very, very surprised - shocked even. It was so unexpected! We sat down on a bench and were freaking out together. Then we called our parents to tell them the good news. 

I asked Dan a lot of questions, and he was finally able to tell me everything that had led up to that moment. Apparently he bought the ring in New York while he was there over winter break, and managed to hide it from me all this time. He didn't say a word to anyone (except for his parents) because he wanted to surprise me. He knew that he was waking me up early from my nap, but he wanted to propose during sunset. And last but not least, he wanted us to be able to celebrate with my family, so New Year's Eve was the perfect day to do it.