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Time Flies

Do you ever look back on an event and think to yourself, “Wow, I can’t believe it happened so long ago”? Time sneaks up on all of us. And once in a while, you might remember the very instance when you were surprised by such a realization, and now that moment of reminiscence is far in the past as well.

When Dan and I first started dating, I once asked him, “Can you believe we’ve been dating for three months now?” His response indicated that he could not, and that he was slightly frightened by the sudden awareness. Now, looking back more than three years later, the idea that three months is a long time seems amusing.

Someone once told me, “Days on the calendar are closer than they appear.” I am sure that any of you who have grown children remember how shocked you were when your child turned one – where did the time go? And those of you in who are in college or recent graduates – does high school seem really that long ago?

When Daniel proposed and we started discussing a date for the wedding, we picked one far, far into the future – or so it seemed. Everyone would say, “Don’t worry about the planning – you have so much time!” Now, half of that time is gone, and we have just nine months left. I still hear people say, “You are already ordering the wedding favors? You already bought the dress? That’s so early!” – and yet, I don’t think it is too early. Those who know me best can tell you that I am a planner – I like things to be thought through and prepared in advance. But that is not the only reason why we are getting preparations done now, nor is it the main reason.

In reality, the most important reason is that I want to savor this time – we are only going to be engaged once, only get married once. I want to spend this time enjoying the process, and being able to appreciate every detail –choosing the colors, the flowers, and the cake. I want to register every moment vividly in my memory – something that is hard to do in a hurry. Rather than rushing through the planning process just to get it over with, I want to spread out all the little decisions so that they are a source of joy, not a source of stress. Our wedding is a time to celebrate our transition into married life together, and I plan to enjoy it all.

As my dad likes to say, “Never put off till tomorrow something that you can do today.” So the next time someone encourages you to put off doing something because “you have a lot of time,” remember that time will pass, and then you might wish you had it back. You’ll accomplish more if you start now.