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I have recently come across several Russian parables that really resonate with me. I decided to translate them and share them with you. 

On arguing:

One day, the teacher asked his students:

 -“Why is it that when people argue, they yell?”

 -“Because they lose their calm,” said one student.

 -“But still, why yell, if the other person is right next to you?” –asked the teacher. - “Why not speak quietly with him? Why yell when you are angry?”

 The students offered their answers, but none were deemed adequate the teacher. Finally, he explained:

“When people are unsatisfied with each other and fight, their hearts distance from each other. In order to cover the distance and to hear each other, they must yell. The farther away their hearts are, the louder they yell.

 “And what happens when people fall in love? They do not yell, quite the opposite – they speak very quietly, because their hearts are very close, and the distance between the two is very small. And when people fall in love even more? They don’t talk, they whisper, and become even closer in their love.

 “In the end, even whispering becomes unnecessary. They only look at each other and understand everything without words. This happens when two loving people are together.

 “Thus, when you are arguing, do not let your hearts get far from one another, do not say words that will further the distance between you, because there might come a day when the distance becomes so great, that you will not be able to find a way back to each other. “

On jealousy

If you found out that I love a woman from my past, and cannot forget her, would you be jealous? Would you worry that I would leave you and go to her?


You must not love me…

Love does not have anything to do with jealousy. I love you, but if you want to leave because you cannot stop thinking about another woman, that will be good, it will be the honest. If you would stay, that would mean that you are lying to me. If you leave, it would simply mean that we are not right for each other, and it would be good that you left, since otherwise you would be taking the place of someone who I am meant to be with. The person I am meant to be with would not leave me. Thus, there is nothing to worry about, everything is good.

You must not be very attached…

Love does not have anything to do with jealous attachment. Jealous attachment means you do not love yourself, and fear that no one could love you the way you are. You are only you; it is a delusion to waste your life comparing yourself to others. If you try to be someone you are not in order to be loved, then all your efforts are in vain: you yourself will not be loved, but rather the person you are pretending to be. If you are yourself, then you will not be mistaken: you will know if a person is right for you, and they will not leave you. 

On getting what we want

One woman had a dream that she went to the market and saw God at a sales booth.

 “My Lord, is that you?” she exclaimed.

“It is indeed,” he said.

“And what can I buy from you?” she asked.

“Anything,” he answered.

“In that case, I would like to buy health, happiness, love, success, and a lot of money,” she requested.

God smiled and went to get the ordered product. Soon he returned, and handed her a small cardboard box.

 “Is that all!?” she said.

 “It is,” calmly answered God. “Didn't you know I only sell seeds?”